Colorado Outfitter License Registration #38




About Location

We are located 28 miles south of Craig, Colorado along the White River National Forest, in Game Management Unit 12. One of the highest populated Elk and Deer units in the state.
The nearest airport is Yampa Valley Regional, in Hayden Colorado. It is approximately 45 miles from the Lodge. It is accommodated by United Express and rental cars are available.

About Us Bearcat Outfitters
Bearcat Outfitters was started in 1953 by Bob (Bobcat) and Vona Peters. From then until the 1980’s they provided quality hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Bobcat and Mountain Lion. Bobcat was an avid hound man running hounds for Black Bear, Mountain Lion, and Bobcat in many of the Western States. He was a part of many Mountain Lion studies in conjunction with the Colorado DOW and CU University.

While working 8 years as a predator control officer for the State of Colorado. He acquired his nick name "Bobcat" and set a national record by catching 104 bobcat in a single month. He appeared in two motion pictures about Mountain Lion hunting and traveled with his hounds to Mexico and Honduras in pursuit of jaguar.

From 1980 through 1990 Bobcat and Vona (Bob's wife, who handled the bookkeeping , correspondence with hunters, and providing all the wonderful weight gaining meals.) changed the focus of their business, to providing only quality Elk and Deer Hunts. In 1990, Bobcat and Vona retired, and sold Bearcat Outfitters to their son Seth, the youngest of five children.

With over 30 years of experience, Seth and his wife Linda (along with a group of very hard working, caring individuals), continue operating Bearcat Outfitters, carrying on the business with the same goals and ethics, that it was started with over 50 years ago.

Bearcat Outfitters is committed to providing you a quality hunting experience!